Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Body blog | January 2012

One of my main 2012 goals is to be fit, healthy and strong.  As a creative support tool, I joined Cathy Zielske's 2012 Move More Eat Well class on Big Picture Scrapbooking.  During the first week of January, we had to create a statement of intention for 2012, list 5 things we do well (see my page below), write "my story" about the battle with poor eating habits and the lack of regular exercise as a lifestyle, we also documented the numbers (weight and all body measurements - scary stuff!!) and then we had to commit to doing JUST ONE THING during January.

I committed to exercising twice a week every week, even if it was just for 10 minutes.  And I stuck to my commitment.  I'm also drinking more water than usual, although not consistently, like in 1,5 liters every day.  Gotta get better at this.

On the flip side, the sugar monster is still controlling me.  I ate W A Y too much sugar this month.  Ok, it was my birthday, but even so... I gotta stop this nonsense!  But I also tried some new foods, like red pepper hummus and ryvita crackers.

As we head into February, I still hate exercise.  I'm still so very tired at the end of each day and it takes way too much energy to make a healthy dinner for myself.  But I will keep going and do a little better this month.  Everything will be ok.

"To get through the hardest journey,
we need to take only 1 step at a time,
but we must keep on stepping"
                                               ** Chinese Proverb **

I'm going to keep on stepping this month.  How are you doing with your 2012 goals?


  1. Well done on setting some goals for yourself. Just go for it one step at a time - Rome was not built in one day. Lovely layout documenting yourself. And of course I just love the quote. Hope to see you over at

  2. Hi Ali, If the intention is there then you have something to work towards. During January the sugar monster was certainly in control. February will be much better!!! Just take it minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I am with you on the exercising ... it is really difficult to get home and get back out there!