Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sacred conversation

Valentines evening was fun.  Pat made a lovely dinner, we have lotsa wine, and as usual, we talked and talked until the late hours.  I am so grateful for these special friends.

There are 3 different levels of conversations that we have with people - the superficial everyday courtesies of hello and please and thank you with people that we encounter casually. 

The second level of conversation is a slightly deeper level where we have meaningful conversations with friends, family, colleagues and people with whom we have an established relationship.
And then there's the third and deeper, more intimate level of sacred or holy conversations that we have with the most trusted and closest people in our lives - probably just a very small handful of people.  Where we can talk with open hearts and truth and deep honesty.  Conversations where we can share our dreams and fears and sadness and greatest hopes.
I am so blessed to have my handful of special friends that I can trust and with whom I can share my sacred conversations.

Gorgeous women!  Marlene, Pat and I

Gifts galore!  I haven't seen Pat and Marlene for a while, so they received their Christmas, birthday (Pat is also a January baby - a fabulous Capricorn!) and valentine prezzies all at once.  Don't ask about the butternut.

I also received lotsa prezzies, including birthday and valentine prezzies.  Thanks my friends!


  1. Great story, Alison, well done, and such good photos too. Thanks for a lovely evening, it was really fun, must say.

  2. Sounds like a fun evening. Love the photos.