Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playing with pens

I am slowly working through Joanne Sharpe's book "the art of whimsical lettering".  Sometimes my perfectionism stops me from playing and making art, which is really daft.  I get frustrated that I always seem to write skew.  Sometimes I really don't like my handwriting.  Sometimes I do.  Her book encourages you to learn to love your own handwriting...maybe one day I will. 
Here are some of my doodles and pen play...


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good Things

I started making "Good Things" gratitude pages in 2013 - a fun combination of words and doodles. Here are some of my Good Things doodle pages...


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scrap Addicts

The Scrap Addicts met at Lynn's home last Saturday for our monthly scrapbooking gathering.  As always, it was lovely, and the food was delicious - Lynn's mom made vegetable soup for us (perfect for an icy winter day), Leonie supplied ciabatta soup sticks and I provided dessert - sticky toffee pudding and blueberry and apple tart with lashings of custard.
Linda, Lynn, Leonie, Alison, Lynette,
still scrapping together after all these years

Lynn spoilt us all with Christmas in July prezzies,
and she gave me a 'half year' birthday gift of a lovely summer shirt, a jar of sweets and labello lip balm - thanks my friend!! 

I was just so exhausted that I dawdled through the day. Even so, I managed to (almost) finish 2 very simple double pages.  These are the 2 layouts that I worked on -
one for my album and one for Elizabeth's album


Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Little Word

It's 6 months into 2014, so here's a quick update on where I am with my One Little Word for 2014...

*  I'm exploring a year-long journey in gratitude - a monthly journal works for me.  Doing a daily list tends to overwhelm me and become just another thing on my very long 'to do' list.  I'm noticing that I'm very grateful for the little things
*  I'm exploring wellness options for the next third of my life, researching what will work for me and what positive changes will stick, talking to a wellness coach.  I want to tell a new story about my wellbeing; I'm frustrated with my usual story of being too tired / no time / no energy
*  I've explored several new recipes, some of which I've loved (like Matt Preston's lamb casserole in pineapple juice - delish!), and some that have been nasty (tuna casserole - what was I thinking?!)
*  I've explored a few new places like Balata Restaurant (photo's below with my friends Pat and Cathy) and the Bryanston Organic Market, both of which were terribly disappointing

*  I'm exploring the concept of acceptance and making peace with the way things are for a while.  I love my home but the townhouse complex is badly managed and maintained, so I feel compelled to sell and move on.  But I'm not sure where I want to live so for now, I've made peace with here I am for a while. 
*  I'm exploring possibilities for having a 'big birthday' year for 12 months in 2015, not just the usual celebrations in my birthday month, but possibly going to Alaska, undertaking a 'big year' of birdwatching (starting my bird list at zero on my birthday and seeing how many birds I can identify in 1 year),  doing a year of Random Acts of Kindness, having a birthday treat on the 17th of every month for 12 months (yeh baby!)...hmmm, I think that I need a list of 50 things to do in 2015
*  and art supplies - I'm exploring with new and old art supplies and doodles - love this

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bubble of Comfort

I travel a lot.  When I travel, I try and create  a 'bubble of comfort' around me which makes things a bit easier and more comfortable while I'm away from home

Even if I'm away for only one night, here's what I always take along:
*  I always take proper pyjamas and slippers along
*  a tracksuit, warm top, T-shirt, socks and takkies to change into when I get to the hotel at the end of a long day
*  my favourite coffee, cappuchino sticks and sweetener
*  a warm shawl to wrap around my shoulders in the aeroplane
*  something to read - my kindle, iPad and a magazine
*  chargers for all my electronics
*  I often take a small crochet or art journaling project along on longer trips
*  my personal journal
*  various medication and multivitamins
*  I make sure that I have a few Atkins protein / energy bars in my briefcase
*  I always take a yogisip along for an early breakfast on the way to the airport or on the 2-hour drive to visit family; I'm usually not hungry, but I know that I'll struggle later if I don't have something to eat

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend in review

I've had a couple of weekends in a row with time to myself, where I can go at my own pace and not have to worry about other people or deadlines for a while...I like the slow, gentle weekends
I started off on Saturday morning by collecting cardstock for the Scrap Addicts from Scrapbook 'n Things.  It's American Craft textured cardstock, priced at R4 a sheet if you buy more than 100 sheets.  It's also available from Loot for R44 for a pack of 10 sheets
I then visited the new Johannesburg Scrap-a-Doodles store in Paulshof. The store has just opened and they need to get a lot more stock in, but it's great to have a new scrapbook store in Johannesburg

This is Monique and Cara-Lee (she co-owns the store with her brother)

and a few of my new supplies...

I've heard a lot about the Peaberry Coffee Stop at Builder's Warehouse in Rivonia, so I popped in for a look-see on my way home.  It's  a great little coffee stop for people shopping at Builder's, but it's not really worth going out of your way for

The selection of gifts is cute but veeeery expensive

Filled French toast with ham and cheese, and a hot chocolate for brunch

Princess Ruby recently turned 7, and was treated to the softest soft fleece blankets for her birthday.  She loooves these blankies.  One for on mom's bed, and one for a new sunny spot in the front entrance hall.  My home is quite deep and gets very little sun.  The toy boxes for my nieces used to be housed in the server at the front door; this is now Ruby's morning 'sun room'.

The lavender in my garden is blooming beautifully in the winter sun

I pruned the rose bushes on Sunday.  Note to self - wear gloves when you prune the roses otherwise the splinters will hurt you!

Monday, July 7, 2014

7 things on 7/7/2014

1. I've just finished reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The book was a bit fluffy and weird in parts, but the 4 agreements are great, and I'm trying to live them every day:
  1. be impeccable with your word
  2. don't take anything personally
  3. don't make assumptions
  4. always do your best

Photo: 'n Trio teddies (o:

2. I cannot believe how difficult it is to organize a reasonably simple coffee and tea tasting for my big birthday in January 2015.  Ugh!  Really - why does everything have to be so hard sometimes?  I've contacted at least 10 venues / coffee shops / restaurants, and not only do they want to charge ridiculous prices, they also generally all want to charge a hefty venue hire for 3 hours, and then force me to accept the bog standard menu of lamingtons and red velvet cupcakes.  I'm hoping my friend Tanya (she made the gorgeous bears in the photo above) from Blooming Beautiful Bakes can help with some ideas
3. I'm loving this quote from Brave Girls Club
"Live Big in your own skin"
4. while trying harder to 'move more, eat less and eat well', I read this honest and encouraging blog post from Cathy Zielske where she says to her body "…I am sorry that I tried to make you into something that wasn't mine."
5. Just 2 months to go to Spring in South Africa - yeh baby!  We have 8 months of warm weather and just 4 months of cold weather down here at the tip of Africa.  I refuse to buy any more winter clothes this year
6. I'm spending a bit more time making art, playing with pens and paint and washi tape and stamps and stencils.  I would love to go on a weekend art retreat, but I already travel so much that I hate to leave my beloved Ruby alone at home; I'll just have to enjoy my art retreats at home
 7.  Living far away from my family sucks.  I've never had the opportunity to pop in after work and say hello, and maybe stay for a quick bite to eat.  Missing these little people, hope to see them soon.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Scrapbook layouts

Here are the final few layouts from our recent scrapbooking retreat...
 I used a template from Desire Fourie at Doing Life to create the layout above

I am so loving scrapbooking at the moment, more than usual.  It looks like the more I scrapbook, the more I enjoy it