Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend in review

It was a gorgeously slow and creative weekend for me, just what I needed.  I attended a charity scrapbooking event on Saturday with the Scrap Addicts, and Lynn's sister Nolene joined us.  We had a lovely day scrapping and chatting - one of my top 10 things to do.  

Nolene, Lynn, Leonie, Linda, and I, and Lynette is in front

This is the layout that we did - great for outdoor and travel photos

And then I spent time tidying up a bit on Sunday - I'm hoping to sell my home soon without putting it on show.  My offer on my new home (maybe..?) has been accepted, so I have 90 days to sell my existing home.  I bought some pretty flowers to revive my garden which has recently been attacked by termites, mole crickets and the scorching heat of the past few months.

And now it's Monday least favourite day of the week.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi my friend, Saturday was a really lovely day. I am impressed that you have finished your page already!!!

    I hope you get to sell your house without putting it on show ~ that will be so stressful for the girls.

    Hope you have a gentle week.

  2. Hello Alison,

    Well done, seems like you had fun, and you have also finished off you page.
    Hope your house gets sold, so you can start a new era of your life.
    Take care, and enjoy the week.

  3. I can see by your faces that you had a lot of fun. I love your layout and the number of photos you got on your layout is simply wonderful.

    Have a lovely week.