Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Unusual day

Hello leap day.  Hello you with your unusualness and rareness and 'see you only once every 4 year'-ness.  I woke up this morning thinking about how I'm a rule follower.  Maybe today is a day to do something unusual and outside of my ordinariness and my rule-follower reliable ways.  Maybe just 1 thing that is out of character for me.  Maybe today.

I am in beautiful Cape Town for a few days.  When I arrived yesterday, a cold front was expected to hit the Cape.

This is the 'table cloth' on Table Mountain; it just drapes the top edge of the mountain

and then the cold front arrived; this is the view from my hotel room last night

the same view this morning - beautifully clear

my gorgeous huge room at the Vineyard Hotel in Pinelands

what?  oh nothing... just my shoe collection for a short 3 day trip to Cape Town.  LOL!!  I took less shoes on a 3 week trip to Italy!

Go have yourself an unusual leap day.


  1. Wow, hello Alison, what a wonderful write-up. Loved the photos of the mountain. AND as for those SHOES, wow, what size suitcase did you take with you to carry all those shoes?????? Take care, and enjoy your stay, you have a beautiful hotel room too.

  2. Enjoy Cape Town and especially sleeping in that lovely bed.