Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scrapbooking layouts

Here are the layouts which I completed on our recent scrapbooking getaway to Cape Town...
page designed by Lynn 

page designed by Leonie 

page designed by Linda 

page designed by Lynette 

page designed by Lynette  

page designed by Leonie

As with all our quarterly scrapbooking retreats, each member of the Scrap Addicts group designed a layout and packed a kit for each member.  I am blown away by the gorgeous page designs.  Our group is very talented and we've been scrapbooking for a very long time, which is why we often question the value of attending expensive scrapbooking classes or events when we do so well at designing our own kits / layouts.  But we do still occasionally buy kits.  I fall in love with scrapbooking over and over again when I scrap with these it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The gift of time

A while ago, I started talking about giving the gift of time to friends and family instead of giving them 'stuff'.  Most of us who are mature need less stuff, we need more time with family and friends, more connecting and talking and laughing and spending time with people who are important to us. 
For Lynn's birthday, I took her to Leafy Greens Café in Muldersdrift in Johannesburg for lunch.  It's a relaxed country environment on the same premises as Casalinga Restaurant, and it serves seasonal vegetarian and vegan food.

The table groaned under the beautiful fresh food.  Meals are charged per plate.  We each chose a large plate because we wanted to taste a little bit of everything

The chickpea curry was excellent and the slice of cooked pizza was good (they also offer a raw pizza), otherwise, the food was not to my taste.  It's definitely worth a try, especially for people who battle with food allergies.  There is also an organic shop onsite.

Lynn had the sorbet / icecream for dessert...the texture was very odd, and the taste was ok.  I had the Chocolate Orange Cheesecake which was good

A few weeks later, my friend Cathy took me to lunch at Café Del Sol in the Bryanston Shopping Center...oh my goodness, but it was delicious.  Italian food is definitely more appealing to me than vegan food. 

I had delicious gnocchi with lamb ragout and Cathy had risotto with chorizo

For dessert, Cathy had the rich chocolate torte and I had nougat cheesecake with edible glitter, a little bit of heaven in my mouth!

The gift of time has definitely become my favourite gift to give and to receive

Friday, April 15, 2016

Garden show

I recently visited the Lifestyle Garden show to get some ideas and inspiration for gardening. 

The Spirit of the Warrior garden was lovely; the other gardens were....meh, not so great.

I've lost my love of gardening lately; when I get home at the end of a very looong day, I feel like it's just another thing on my endless 'to do' list that I have to do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crochet inspiration...for cats

It's no secret...I love adore cats.  Miss Ruby is an extraordinary blessing in my life, and she brings me extreme joy every minute of every day

Here is some (hilarious!) crochet inspiration for kitties.  Anyone offering to make this kitty bed for my beloved Ruby??

Friday, April 8, 2016


I have 5 nieces and a nephew.  I only see 2 of my nieces (Elizabeth and Katy) reasonably often.  It was my sister Caron's birthday over the Easter weekend, and she arranged a family lunch on the Sunday.  I got to spend time with my other 3 nieces (Melissa is 21, Jamie is 5 and Anna is 3) and my nephew Nicholas, who is 18. 

My sister-in-law Leanne with Anna

my step mother Brenda with my sister Caron 

My brother-in-law Frank, nephew Nicholas and my brother Shaun 

 Jamie is such a chilled, relaxed sweetie, so laid back and easygoing
Without being told to do it, she goes to fetch her sister Anna from her class during the school break every day and plays with her - such a wonderful big sister!

my sister Caron with Jamie

Caron with her family 

I love these family photos

I love being an Aunty and a big sister.