Friday, December 30, 2011

Layout to share

As the year winds down, here are 2 year-end layouts to share...

this is a snapshot of 4 highlights of the year; this is a great 'last page' for an album

I like this calendar view of the month of December; it is a pre-printed sheet with lots of space for journalling and photo's. 
This would also make a great travel page

My plans for the end of 2011 and start of 2012 are...
  • a spa day with Cathy tomorrow (31 December) at Soulstice Day Spa, and then home with my kitties in the evening - a movie on the couch with furry children is the perfect way to say goodbye to 2011.  I will probably be fast asleep when 2012 rolls around
  • a tradition that I started in 2008 is to walk at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on New Years' day with friends. Lynn, Richard and Leonie will join me for a walk on Sunday 1 January 2012, and then we'll have breakfast under the trees at the Eagle's Fare restaurant in the garden.  I plan to spend the rest of new years' day scrapping
  • Monday 2 January is a public holiday in South Africa - I will have "book club in bed" with kitties and lots of hot coffee, and then dawdle through the day
Wishing you a safe and happy end to 2011, and an awesome 2012 filled with good health, much joy and a mountain of creativity!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

10 personal breakthrough questions

As we head towards the end of 2011 and ponder the possibilities of 2012, here are 10 breakthrough questions that I am mulling over...
  1. if my decisions were not driven by fear, what would I change and do with my life?
  2. where am I experiencing boredom or frustration?
  3. what must I STOP doing, so that I can make space to start something new?
  4. what are the 10 things that I really want to do before I die (not what I have to do)?
  5. who are the "breakthrough people" in my life - those people who inspire and mentor me, and who challenge me to leave my comfort zone? 
  6. who are the "energy vampires" in my life that I need to manage or get rid of?
  7. what are the new skills to learn, hobbies to try, places to visit and new people to meet that will create breakthrough energy in my life in 2012?
  8. am I filling my life with work, or my work with life?  what do I need to change to make my daily work life more joyful and satisfying?
  9. what is something new that I have always wanted to try or accomplish?  even if it's far outside of my comfort zone, could I try and accomplish this one thing in 2012?
  10. what 10 things give me extreme joy?  how can I bring more of this into my daily life?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

I'm still not feeling the true Christmas spirit, but faking it 'till I make it.  Here is what my home is looking like...I love Christmas decorations and music



I made a decision this year to support local artists so I have bought a beaded Christmas tree and decorations.  It's small, it's gorgeous. 
The artists are sooo talented.  All the decorations are hand-beaded.
And I'm pleased that I have been able to bless these artists by supporting them. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm not feeling it

Christmas is just a few days away.  I'm not feeling it.  I'm not feeling festive and lighthearted and carefree and relaxed and smiley-faced.  I'm needing some sunshine in my heart - I haven't felt that for a long time.  I shall go and look for some comfort, for some gentle whispers to soothe me, for some sunshine in my heart.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week-end in review

A lovely busy weekend...

Had brunch with the Fitness Warriors at Lifestyle on Saturday morning.  We have been training together for a year - go us!!  Miss Boo, Natasha (our kick-boxing trainer), Alison, Bridget and Gisela.

Bridget and her daughter Bothlale (Miss Boo)

After visiting my sister in hospital on Saturday afternoon, I had an early dinner with my friend Cathy and her two 10-week old sons, Oliver and Valentino.  They are sooo cute!

I walked at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on Sunday morning with Richard, Lynn and Connor

The beautiful fever tree

this flower looks like a bug with a little face and wings - too gorgeous

... and then we had brunch at Harrie's in Pretoria East

Lynn and Richard

I had a pancake filled with chicken livers and a delicious pepper sauce, and then Lynn and I shared a caramel and banana pancake.  I don't want to know how many calories I consumed on Sunday morning!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scrapbooking retreat

The Scrap Addicts save money every month throughout the year, and then we retreat to the beautiful Maison Bordeaux in Randburg for a few days of scrapping and pampering.  This past weekend was a glorious time of great friendship, good food, and a whole lot of scrapbooking.  I LOVED it!

The Scrap Addicts Group, established 1998

Christmas hats were compulsory.  This is the page challenge that I set for the group
about a month ago - a page "all about me".  We each made 5 pages to share

Leonie still owes us her completed page challenge

Lynn's page

Lynette's page

Linda's page

Joyce was our hostess for the weekend, and spoilt us with tons of hot coffee and cake

This orange cake was outstanding

...and then things just got crazy and hilarious

yep - more crazies


A great time was had by all.  We are already saving for our 2012 retreat.