Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend in review

Gadget girl  |  I bought an iPad on Friday.  I was so excited to hook up and get going, but the sim card was only enabled on Monday morning.  Bummer

New home  |  I arranged to visit my 'new home' in Boskruin on Saturday morning to check out cupboard space and make notes of a few things that need to be done

The 'sold' sign makes me so happy - that's my new home!  Sold to ME!  Yeah - silly I know, but I don't often buy property. So it's kinda a big deal for me

Dassies in the park across the road from my new home.  I look forward to meeting them.  Estrelita feeds them fruit and spaghetti

I met the current owner, Estrelita.  It was lovely to chat to her.  I am so looking forward to living in her (my) home, and I've promised that I'll take good care of it.  She is sad to be leaving but they are downsizing in preparation for retirement

I look forward to many happy hours on this deep covered patio, protected from the sun and the rain.  I'm sure I'll share many meals with family and friends in this lovely space

the pathway leading to the front door

this study will become my new scrap room

Brunch with my sister  |  after spending time at my new home (I plan to move somewhere around mid-May), my gorgeous sister Caron and I went for brunch at Lifestyle Garden Center

Dinner Date  |  I had my hair trimmed on Saturday afternoon, and then had dinner with friends Cathy, Pat and Marlene.  Cathy made delicious mexican food and cheesecake for dinner

Show home  |  my home was on show on Sunday from 1 - 5pm, and we had 15 couples visiting - that's apparently a very good turnout!  One lady came back twice.  I'm hoping to get a signed offer quite soon, and at the price that I want.  In order to make my home look less cluttered and more spacious, I confess that I hid things under the beds and in the cupboards.  My home looked gorgeous and clutter free - wish that I could live like that all the time!  As the first customer arrived, Miss Ruby strolled in with a huge lizard dangling out of her mouth - maybe trying to scare off the buyers?

Most of the potential buyers loved my shaded patio and garden area

I filled my home with roses and flowers, it always makes a home look pretty


  1. Wow, Alison, you have been so busy with your Blog. Well done. And let's hope our prayers are answered and that your home is sold at the correct price.

  2. I hope your lovely home will have a new owner soon.

  3. Hey Ali, Good luck with the sale of your current home. The new one looks wonderful. And I hope you enjoy your iPad.