Sunday, October 31, 2010

The most beautiful garden in Africa

I visited Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town last Saturday, 23 October - it truly must be the most beautiful garden in Africa.  Although Proteas are winter flowers, I saw these gorgeous flowers in bloom in early spring.  For just R45-00, I spent an hour on a motorised golf cart with a wonderful guide (Lionel?) - he has been a gardener at Kirstenbosch for 25 years, and now acts as a guide in his retirement.  I got to see most of the gardens in an hour, got to learn a lot about all the plants, and saw a spotted eagle owl and her chick in broad daylight.  I highly recommend this gentle, informative tour around the gardens.

The Kistenbosch shop is also stocked to overflowing with gorgeous clothes, books, hand-painted tablecloths, and a ton of other wonderful goodies.  I shopped a lot, stuffed the treasures into my suitcase, and then hurried to the airport to catch my flight home to Johannesburg. 

A gorgeous day.  Today my comfort was this solitary, beautiful journey around Kirstenbosch Gardens, finished off with a skinny cappuchino on the patio.  Whispered Comfort at its best.

My chariot - what fun!

Nelson Mandela Statue and yellow Madiba Strelitzia's

Miniature Pincushion proteas

Rocket Proteas - awesome!

King Protea

Whispered Comfort on the patio

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So grateful for...

5 things that I'm really grateful for today...
  • the summer rains have finally come to Johannesburg
  • Nescafe Alta Rica and Cap Colombic are back on the shelves (I LOVE good coffee!!)
  • looking forward to attending the Scrapbooking Extravaganza at Aquila on Saturday
  • I am feeling so much better today - have been battling with vertigo earlier this week
  • Melody Gardot's music - 'My one and only thrill' (this is real comfort music)
  Melody Gardot: My One And Only Thrill

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Follow your path

"Follow your own path and let people talk"......Dante

YOU are unique, talented, precious and powerful.  YOU have gifts and talent in a combination that no-one else in the whole world can offer.  The universe is crying out for what only YOU have to give.  There is a path that only YOU can walk.  There is a place that only YOU can fill.  Your destiny is to uncover your gifts and talent, and then offer them to the world.

Have a magnificent day.

Taken from my (unpublished) book "Whispered Comfort"

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Monday

I'm loving this scrapbook page right now.  It's simple but tells the story that I want it to, it celebrates friendship. 

Products that I love using right now :
  • my fiskars punches
  • thickers lettering
  • stamps and ink