Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Around here

Loved scrapbooking with the Scrap Addicts last Saturday, this is one of the pages which I completed

Aw cute, beloved tabby sprawled on my table while I scrapbook

Realising how much I absolutely loathe this web page, it frustrates me and stresses me out and wastes my time.  Can't wait to get my iPad at the end of February, I've been assured that I won't have this problem

So happy to be rid of my crapberry (blackberry to you fans out there), and loving my new iphone

Also nursing a really sore eye with steroid drops and ointment - it's probably stress related

I've put my home up for sale but the thought of picking up every single thing and moving it somewhere else is enough to put me off the move to a slightly bigger home (which I still need to find)

Did a 90 minute kick-boxing workout yesterday (go me!!) - I crashed into bed exhausted just after 9pm

1 comment:

  1. What a nice post ... LOVE the photo of Miss Ruby lying on her back while you scrapbook.

    I promise that I will come and help you pack and you will not have to touch each and every item in your home!!! Good luck with the search ... Remember I am here to do tours of homes with potential with you!!!

    Congratulations on the 90 minute kick-boxing session.