Monday, January 15, 2018

Amazon Jungle

My friend Leonie and I did a huge, awesome, amazing and incredible adventure to Peru and the Amazon Jungle in late September and October 2017.  I'll share bits with you in the coming months.
We stayed at Inkaterra Concepcion Lodge in the Amazon Jungle.  It was outstanding! 

Sunrise over the Amazon River 

Our awesome guide Benjamin; we did an excursion to Lake Sandoval - you have to be really fit to enjoy it 

These are bats 

Cayman Crocodile 

If you're thinking of heading to South America, I've done a full review of all the lodges and hotels that we stayed at on TripAdvisor.  We did not travel with a group. LED Tours in Cape Town (together with TravelAbility in Johannesburg) organized our bespoke trip and Condor Travel was the local tour operator in Peru - all were excellent and are highly recommended.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Art Journaling

I've been going to several art journaling classes to build my skills, and also learn how to use some of the supplies that I already have.  If you're in the Johannesburg area, I highly recommend a visit to Short Cuts Crafts  in Lonehill - the have a huge selection of art and scrapbooking supplies, and they are very friendly.  Jowilna Nolte is an excellent teacher.  I also buy art supplies from Stencil Art in Randburg, but their service is really not good.
This page was done at a class with Suzy Christodoulo at Stencil Art; we used the gelli print
 This page is my own creation; I love using the Dylusions sprays and stamps

All the other pages were done at Short Cuts Crafts with Jowilna Nolte

I use my art journal as a Faith Journal

Friday, January 5, 2018

Scrapbooking layout

Here is a layout which I created for the Scrap Addicts group in December

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jesus is the real reason for the season

I's been a while.  I was away on a big adventure and then back to a crazy workload so lots to tell.  I'll be back in the new year.  Until then, remember that the birth of Jesus Christ is the REAL reason for the season.

Image result for jesus is the reason for the season

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A new crochet project

Based on an idea from Pat Jenkerson, our little crochet and knitting group are making squares to create blessing blankets.  Once finished, the blankets will be donated to Ry-Ma-In home for cerebral palsy in Linden, Johannesburg. 

I like to crochet a few rows when I get home at night from work, so these little squares are an easy project when I don't feel like working on my Tunisian crochet blanket.  I've already made 6 squares.  Yes ... I have several PHD's - Projects Half Done.

And I loved crocheting a few squares in the sunshine at Zaagkuil Lodge recently!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


As part of Elizabeth's 8th birthday celebrations in August, we went to see Splash, the water circus at Silverstar Casino.  The 3 little ladies with us loved the show.

Katy and Elizabeth 

The outdoor area at Silverstar - it's lovely

Boo and her mom Bridget joined us 

This was seriously the worst show that I have ever seen, and there were several boos from the audience instead of applause.  The lighting was terrible - it shone right in our eyes from floor level, our seats were changed at the last minute to terrible seats, they promised synchronized swimmers (one of the dancers falling into the pool does not qualify as synchronized swimming!) and there were no water acts.  It seems to be a bunch of ex-gymnasts who are trying to make a living.  There were a few good acts, but overall, it was terrible.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Elizabeth's 8th birthday party was held at Bounce Fourways - a great venue for kids and adults.  I booked an hour of Clip 'n Climb, followed by an hour or trampolining.  The girls (and their dads!) were exhausted by the time we got the cupcakes out for a final happy birthday song.
Jamie, Elizabeth, Katy and our sweet friend Boo

Crazy kids! 

My beautiful nieces - Katy, Elizabeth, Jamie and Anna 

Little Anna was very nervous as everyone got into their harnesses, but she soon settled down and got climbing up the high walls

Boo is the only child in our group who has done this before, so she is really confident on the high walls - well done Boo!

Shaun and Jamie climb the mirror wall

Brave Anna - our littlest climber

Brave little Katy climbs a difficult wall


Jamie and Shaun

Elizabeth and Boo are exhausted

Elizabeth at the top of a wall - brave girl! 

Anna climbs the mirror wall with her dad Shaun

Elizabeth got all the way up to the second last tall tower - well done E! 

Jamie was so brave climbing the tall towers 

After Clip n Climb, it was on to the trampolines 

Elizabeth was exhausted after 2 hours at Bounce 

Cupcakes with sprinkles - everyone could add their own sprinkles; the parents said "that's enough", I encouraged them to add lots more!  Little girls loooove sprinkles.

Miss Boo with her granny Sue 

Katy, Boo, Elizabeth, Jamie and Anna 

Little girls love crazy photos  - sooo cute!

Shaun and I share the same father  

Robbie and I share the same mother 

I LOVE this photo - me with my 4 little nieces