Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Turning 50

I have just enjoyed the most wonderful week-long birthday celebration, starting with cake and gifts from my colleagues at work...

Marlene and Annah work with me, and made sure that I was spoiled rotten at work 

A quick cuddle with my beloved Ruby before heading off to Inyala Lodge with my family for 4 days

Elizabeth and Katy get up close and personal with some tame Nyala

Can you hear the lions...?

17 January - the best way to spend my milestone birthday - with my family in the African bush

I then enjoyed a week at home, before hosting a fabulous tea party for friends and family at Afrique Boutique Hotel.  I'll share photos in the next blog post

Monday, January 19, 2015

A new crochet project

I love Lucy's crochet blog over at Attic24.  And I need a small knee blanket for winter.  These colours are a bit crazy, but I'm going to start crocheting a small blanket.  I will probably use one of Lucy's patterns.

I've been working on a crocheted shawl over December - making tiny granny squares using cotton in 3 colours.  It feels like I just get going with a square when it's time to stop and sew in all the ends.  So frustrating!!  I need 100 squares to complete the shawl, so it's seemed to go on forever.  I set a goal of completing at least 2 squares a day since 15 December, so I've made really good progress.  I'm nearly finished, but I just need a break to work on something big and chunky and uncomplicated.  Like this crazy little blanket.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Things I am excited about

I adore new beginnings, so every new year excites me.  As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014 and embrace everything that 2015 has to offer, here is a list of things I am excited about right now....
*  I'm excited about turning 50 in January.  It's a big number but I am so ready for it, ready for the possibility and promise of a new decade.  I don't care too much about the wrinkles (hello botox!) and sags in all the wrong places; I'm opening my heart to greater wisdom and grace and the art of letting things go
*  I'm excited about January - spending time away at a game lodge with my family for my birthday, and then celebrating with friends and family a week later over tea and coffee and cake at an elegant venue
*  I'm excited about living a bit more simply in 2015.  I uncluttered and sorted and donated a lot of things throughout December and while this will always be an ongoing task, my home and my office now have more free space and less stuffed-to-overflowing cupboards. My friend Lynn is my inspiration - get in touch with her if you need help with uncluttering and organizing your stuff
*  I'm excited about redecorating my bedroom in 2015 - changing things up a bit from cream and pink, adding a pop of navy blue and moving things around a bit
*  I'm excited about working in my new office in a brand new building, with gorgeous views out over Johannesburg
*  I'm excited about travelling to Alaska in June with my friend Leonie - this will be a big tick on my bucket list
*  I'm excited about another year of scrapbooking with the Scrap Addicts

*  I'm excited about participating in the Documented Faith Project during 2015
*  I'm excited about eating better in 2015 and moving more after (possible) foot surgery early in the new year
*  I'm excited about seeing how Elizabeth and Katy grow and develop during 2015
*  I'm excited about learning more about God's word in 2015, going deeper with God, and standing in expectation of His blessings for me and my family and my friends
*  I'm excited about spending another year with my beloved Ruby
Go take a look at Cathy Zielske's list.  What are you excited about right now?
Wishing you a very blessed and joy filled 2015!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Botanical Gardens

It's a tradition to start the new year with a walk at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, and this year was no different.  Lynn and I met at the Gardens at 8 on 1 January 2015, and strolled in beautifully cool weather.

We tried out the new outdoor gym - it's lovely and lots of fun!

The wild flowers are gorgeous at this time of year!

We then strolled up the hill, past a tortoise (going up the steep hill!) to the waterfall. 

It was starting to rain by now so we headed to the restaurant for a light breakfast.
I love this place!  It makes me happy to start each year here

Saturday, January 3, 2015

One Little Word 2015

My One Little Word for 2015 is FUN.  The definition is enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.

Ali Edwards says 'A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything.  These words have each become a part of my life in one way or another. They've been imbedded into who I am and into who I'm becoming. They've been what I've needed most (and didn't know I needed). They've helped me to breathe deeper, to see clearer, to navigate challenges, and to grow'
I will have to do some work to discover what fun really means for me, because I generally take life quite seriously.  I'll need to find out what light-hearted pleasure is, and discover ways to bring more enjoyment into my life.  It may sound like a frivolous thing to focus on, but as a Capricorn, I'm hard working and responsible and reliable and trustworthy and I always do the right thing.  I often have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I want less of that this year.  I want to be silly and playful and just a little bit crazy...

I'm so ready for fun in 2015!  What's your One Little Word for 2015?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015!

2014 was a good solid year for me, but I am so looking forward to 2015.  I am going to focus on having FUN this year. Now I just need to discover what that means for me....

Wishing you all an awesome 2015!