Friday, April 27, 2012

A few of my favourite things

Right now, I'm loving...

this magazine

Mac eyeshadows, Woolworths 3 in 1 mascara, TLC face wipes and Clarins fix make-up spray

silver jewellery, especially these gorgeous earrings

these 2 sauces are a little wake-up slap to my tastebuds

glossy accents and this poker thingy by Tim Holtz

cupcakes from Lisa at cupcakes2delite

this cow cushion that I discovered while hunting for new furniture

this gorgeous child, miss Ruby


  1. Nice post Ali. Also love Good Housekeeping and Miss Ruby!!!

  2. Yay, who can't love MAC eyeshadows or live without them Alison, you are a woman after my own heart! I love the picture of you with my cupcake and you and my sister-in-law Gina have to be the best photographs I have seen of anyone eating my cupcakes! Ruby looks just like my boy, like life is just for being cool and lying in the sun!