Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weekend in review

The weather has been wonderfully warm during the past few days, the last bloom of summer before winter's icy fingers grip our world down here at the southern tip of Africa.  The long weekend was delicious, and this is now a short work week...what's not to like?

On the Freedom Day public holiday last Friday, Leonie and Lynn came over for the last ever scrap date in my current home

I got to meet my new niece Kataryn on Saturday - she is sooo tiny at just 18 days old!

Lisa from cupcakes2delite made these gorgeous passionfruit-flavoured cupcakes in celebration of the visit to meet miss Kataryn

I loved spending time on Saturday and Sunday in the North-West province with my brother Robbie, his wife Tonia, baby Kataryn and adorable miss Elizabeth 

Robbie and Elizabeth - she loves wearing my sunglasses.  Tonia has bought her some sunglasses, and she now wears them on the top of her head 'just like aunty Ali'

My mom and Kataryn


  1. Oh Alison, what a cutie-pie. Also, loved the cupcakes, gorgeous and hope they tasted good too!

  2. What a nice review of the weekend. Baby Kathryn is so cute and Princess Elizabeth gets prettier each time I see a photo of her.

    Hope they enjoyed those gorgeous cupcakes as much as we did!!!!

    Looking forward to the new 'head quarters' for the Scrap Addicts.