Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend in review

Hey!   Weekend - where did you go so fast??  Come back!  Oh well, it was a lovely weekend...

My friend Pat and I attended a class at The Memory Shed on Saturday morning.  Lisa is a great teacher, and I enjoyed spending time with Pat

Lisa helps Pat with her page

Doing what I love
and then I had lunch with my friend Gisi at The Second Cup

We shared a delicious hot milk tart for dessert - it arrived wearing a crown!

and then I got some boxes and tape and crates for the big move in May

on Sunday morning, I trawled Sutherlands and The Patio Warehouse looking at furniture for my new home; I'm just "shopping with my eyes" right now

I got to spend time with my beloved miss Ruby - she is an awesome "book club in bed" partner!  Just wish that she could make coffee for her mom


  1. Looking at Miss Ruby, these are the aaaahhhh moments, she is so cute and cuddly.
    Thanks to you too, for an awesome Saturday morning well worth spent on scrapbooking. And thanks Alison, for getting me back into this lovely hobby.

  2. Hey Ali, Sounds like you had a great weekend. I agree that it sped past far too quickly!!!! Miss Ruby is an absolutely special young lady!!! and your photos of her are gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for your support Alison - great having you in class.