Tuesday, January 17, 2012

47 things

I turn 47 today.  Here are 47 things I want to do before I turn 48:
  1. have regular facials
  2. go on a solitary reading retreat
  3. exercise twice a week, every week
  4. learn how to use my new iphone
  5. learn how to use and love my apple ipod
  6. buy an ipad
  7. try out some new recipes
  8. see a skin specialist
  9. go to Alaska?
  10. visit the Jozi Food Market
  11. scrap more.  lots more
  12. teach a scrap class on mini books
  13. go for more walks
  14. complete a 30-day photo challenge
  15. dive into my "move more eat well" class on Big Picture Scrapbooking
  16. read 5 books that are already on my bookshelf
  17. wear a lot more dresses
  18. go on a creative retreat to the Botanical Gardens
  19. learn how to make cocktails
  20. drink more cocktails
  21. unclutter at least every 60 days
  22. spend the occasional day doing absolutely nothing
  23. visit the Bryanston Organic Market
  24. simplify and be organised
  25. be brave.  try new things
  26. make a new friend
  27. have lots of braais.  just for me and 2 kitties
  28. go deeper in my faith
  29. do lots of art journalling
  30. make several minibooks
  31. make cupcakes
  32. eat more cupcakes
  33. do a yoga and pilates class.  maybe more than 1
  34. do more online classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking
  35. focus on my 1 little word - MOVE
  36. visit 'Nonnas' shop
  37. try some new restaurants
  38. focus on what matters most to me
  39. find a coffee shop that I love
  40. spend time with friends and family
  41. go slowly enough to hear my own heartbeat, footfalls and the wind in the trees
  42. drink lots of water
  43. look up
  44. take 5 big steps forward towards living and working more creatively
  45. try new healthy foods
  46. visit my friend June in Durban
  47. always remember - I am an artist

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Ali! Hope 2012 is all you wish for and more xxx