Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini book to share

Mini books are one of my favourite gifts to give to people who don't scrapbook.  As I gear up for Christmas and I'm mindful of buying (or making) gifts well ahead of time, I'm re-looking at some of the mini books that I have previously made.  Here is one that I made for my friend Bridget; it celebrates the adoption of her gorgeous daughter, Bothlale Grace (or as we call her - miss Boo).

I have left several spaces for mom to write notes about Boo's story,
and also to write love notes TO miss Boo

More space for a handwritten note from mom

I hope Bridget takes the time to write this love note to miss Boo

a personalised card tucked into the cover of the album

I'm planning on making a similar mini album for my mother for Christmas - filled with pictures of my gorgeous niece, princess Elizabeth.  It's such fun making girly-girl albums of little people.  Of course that means that I have to go shopping for papers and embellishments and ribbon and ...

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