Monday, August 29, 2011

Elizabeth turns 2

My precious niece Elizabeth turned 2 on 25 August.  I've had to learn who 'Dora the Explorer' is, and Boots the monkey, and the cow and the fox and ...  My sweet precious child.  I don't see Elizabeth often, but I try and stay in touch across the miles.  Her parents Robbie and Tonia are also good at keeping me alive in her mind, and they often talk about Aunty Ali, so Elizabeth usually settles down quickly when she sees me, and isn't shy or nervous.

Saturday was party day to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday.  This is the story of the Dora party...

My Aunty Ali bought me all these goodies

Hello Dora

bath crayons

Dora and friends need to go to sleep now - shhhh!

Dad helps me unpack more goodies

WOW (her latest favourite word!) Dad has BIG hands

a squeeze from Aunty Ali

the R9-99 gardening set from the plastic shop was probably her favourite prezzie!

granny gives me a book of Bible stories

mom and dad made a pinyata for me

of course there was cake

I love watering the garden; Dad is already moaning about the water bill

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