Monday, August 15, 2011

5 things

just some randomness this morning...

  1. I put down 5 bags of lawn dressing and planted 5 trays of seedlings in the garden yesterday - official preparation for the arrival of spring in a months' time
  2. the weather in Johannesburg is very cold and overcast today - we do not expect rain in Winter in this part of the country, so this is very unusual
  3. I leave for Italy in 6 weeks' time; it is 22 degrees in Venice right now
  4. the National Planning Commission has released its first report on South Africa - it is both positive and equally scary on the prospects of this beautiful country
  5. I'm dabbling in a bit of art journalling; it's a work in progress and a journey of discovery.  Not really sure what it means to me.  I won't overthink it.

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