Friday, August 19, 2011

Life lessons from my garden

While digging in the mud, pulling  out weeds, nurturing fragile plants through icy winter weather or planting beautiful summer seedlings, these are some of the life lessons which I am learning from my garden...

  • take the time to do the basics - from planning the garden to digging in lots of compost before planting;  sometimes we rush at things without  thinking clearly about what we are doing or what we really want
  • there is a season for everything and you usually cannot hurry things along - autumn is for reflection and slowing down, winter is for rest and nurturing and pruning away what you need to let go of, spring is for anticipation of what could be and lots of new growth, and summer is for enjoying the full beauty of your labour
  • some plants will die - things do come to an end; sometimes something has to end before something new can begin
  • discipline is necessary - the beautiful starry wild jasmine creeper has to be disciplined with staking and wiring to encourage it to climb the garden wall
  • consistency and routine is good - spending regular time in the garden, watering, fertilising and tending the plants will result in a beautiful garden
  • most things will flourish and grow with the right care and attention
  • give the underdogs a chance - the tiniest cutting can grow into a magnificent plant if loved and nurtured
  • weather the storms as a natural part of life - your garden is able to survive the toughest storms and is resilient enough to recover from the worst black frost and hail damage; the scars are proof of courage and triumph in the face of adversity
  • welcome visitors - birds, bees and some bugs are natural and often necessary for your garden (and your life) to thrive
  • change in a garden and in life is good, even though it may be uncomfortable - removing old plants, pruning and reinventing your garden keeps it fresh and interesting
  • despite your best efforts, things will occasionally still go wrong or not turn out well
  • keep going - perfection is NOT the goal
  • take time to rest, relax and enjoy what you have created
  • gardening is hard work; life is hard work
  • enjoy the journey

winter bulbs

what will you become?

lavender flowers

** Taken from my (unpublished) book "Whispered Comfort" **

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