Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whispered comfort

This is the story of the name of my blog.  The story will continue to unfold...

A whisper is a quiet, breathy, barely audible way of communicating.  There is nothing noisy or loud or harsh about a whisper.  Prayers and words of love are whispered.  Comforting words are whispered to a child and a person in a hospital bed.

Wikipedia defines comfort as a sense of physical or psychological ease, often characterized as a lack of hardship. 

In a world filled with demands and deadlines and noise and motion and anger and rushing about, I yearn for a quieter, gentler life where there is less on my to do list, where there is enough time to do a bit of nothing each day, where I can move more slowly through my life and be fully present when it really matters.  I want to go at a pace that is deliberate and calm and untouched by the madness of this world.  I want a life filled with whispered comfort.

While I want whispered comfort to be part of the DNA of my own life, I also want to whisper words of comfort and encouragement to my friends and family, to old people and poor people that I pass by each day.  I whisper prayers of comfort for people around the world and in my own city.

this beautiful brass bird hangs on my bedside lamp

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