Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week in the life

It's no secret, I really enjoy Ali Edwards' scrapping style, and I am so inspired by her work.  This is my take on  her annual week in the life project.

Taking photo's every day about my life made me pay closer attention to the details, the little things that usually go unnoticed as I rush through life, desperately trying to fit it all in.  It made me more present and alert to what was happening in my life, it made me pause for just a minute to breathe and look up.

new kitty tunnel for the children

I spend a lot of time in my car

strolling around the Irene Country Market in Pretoria

favourite smoothie ingredients - a quick meal on the go

turkish apricots are a favourite snack right now

my friend Cathy opens a new hair salon today

I helped Cathy move some new furniture for the salon

precious child - Bella

precious child - Ruby

working in my study at home

committed to kickboxing classes every Monday at 4pm

Fitness Warriors - Bridget, Natasha (our personal trainer) and I

leaving for work at 6.31am

sunrise in the traffic

in the news

good morning Johannesburg

working girl

my office

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