Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Spring

Hello Spring.  Welcome!  Come on in, and make yourself at home.  I am so pleased to see you, with your coat of new green and little pink and white and red and orange and blue buds.


As spring finally arrives, I'M WORKING ON...
  • getting through a monster workload in the next 4 weeks before I go to Italy
  • reducing the dark pigmentation on my face (from too many years spent birdwatching outdoors) by going for regular glycolic peels at Placecol
  • printing and getting ready to scrap a ton of photo's of my niece Elizabeth
  • exercising more - walking, kickboxing and doing kettlebell swings
  • letting go of clothes that I love but don't fit or are now just too worn out
  • collecting school shoes and socks for Kingsway Christian School
Happy spring day!

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