Saturday, June 25, 2011

This weekend

This weekend is bitterly cold in Johannesburg, it was -2 degrees last night.  For the first time ever, I kept my electric blanket on all through the night.  I abandoned all plans for shopping and doing the usual weekend jobs on Saturday morning, and instead settled down to pottering around at home.

I'm wapped in 4 layers of clothes, a buff and a beanie,
not a pretty sight

my best friend - the heater!

enjoying low-GI fruited seed loaf with peanut butter
and a mug of hot butternut soup

grabbing kitty cuddles and kisses whenever Miss Ruby walks past,
note how delighted she looks (LOL)

loving my New Balance casual walking shoes

enjoying scrapbooking inpiration from Becky Fleck
I also plan to :
  • tidy the bathroom cupboard
  • catch up on a few PVR taped programs
  • print a batch of new photo's
  • photograph layouts to share on my blog
  • tidy the pile of magazines next to my bed
  • have an afternoon snooze
  • go  v e r y  slowly
Stay warm out there!

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