Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo's to share

Just some photo's to share....

I have updated a wall in my lounge - gone is the old painting of flowers (I decided that I didn't love it, so I'm donating it to charity).  I have framed some favourite family photo's in various frames, and randomly scattered the frames on the wall.  I'm enjoying this new feature which greets me every day when I come home.  I feel connected to my tribe

Photo wall.  Some of the old frames are made by a community project
which employs women who battle to rise above poverty;
the wood is reclaimed from building sites and
re-used to make these beautiful frames

My brother Michael takes beautiful photo's in his little home town
of Richmond, Karoo
I scrapped the enlarged photo's very simply. 
This is my niece, Miss Precious

An old windmill in the backyard, with the hills in the distance

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