Monday, September 12, 2011

Scrapbooking retreat

We had an absolutely amazing weekend away at the Good Shepherd Retreat.  I LOVE this venue and I LOVE spending time with the Scrap Addicts.  It was a retreat filled with laughter, talking till the wee hours, eating tasty food and a few wicked treats, consuming tea, coffee and water by the bucketload, a long walk down the hill and back again on Saturday afternoon, treating the Convent cats to kitty biscuits while sneaking tick and flea medicine onto their necks, listening to the rugby game on the radio, and lots and lots of scrapbooking.  Beautiful pages were made by all.  Sigh...wish we were still there.

The beautiful old convent that we enjoy so much

Lynette, Linda, Lynn and Alison

the smokers 'force' the non-smokers to join them outside
we sit.  we talk and laugh.  we gaze out over the dam in the distance
we enjoy the birdlife and being outdoors.  we become whole again

an afternoon walk to ease stiff muscles and aching backs

Lynn and I - hardcore scrap addicts!

Lynn, Leonie and Linda

Lynette, Leonie and Alison

We will return in 2012 for several scrapbooking retreats.

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