Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini book to share

Hello.  In what feels like the blink of an eye, I'm doing my 115th blog post.  I started blogging as a personal challenge to myself - as both a technical and creative challenge.  Truth - I love it.  I love that my blog is an electronic map of my life.  I love that blogging connects me to people around the world - HELLO  YOU in South Africa, America, India, China, Japan, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Denmark, Ukraine and the United Kingdom who regularly visit my blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

And now, a little project to share.  This "this is my life" project was initiated by Stacy Julian; it was intended to be a real mini-book which fits into the palm of your hand, but I made my album 15cm x 15cm.  I like doing projects which are a snapshot of my life at a specific point in time, like Ali Edwards' "a week in the life" project - go take a look, Ali's 2011 project is starting shortly. 

The world changes so quickly and we are changing and growing all the time, so these snapshots of what I like, think, feel, wear, eat, drive, do, etc. are awesome to look back on as a piece of the puzzle that makes up my life.  For this project, I took photo's of my everyday life - from my shoes to driving in traffic, the goodies on my bedside table, my office workspace, the water bottle which is always by my side, and even a photo of my dishwasher which makes my life just a little bit easier!  I put the album together with as little fuss as possible - just some doublesided paper, handwritten notes, bound together with an O-ring and some ribbon.  No fuss, no hassle.  Just the way I like it.

Just some cardstock which I covered using sticky plastic to protect
the front and back covers; the stamp is by Heidi Swapp (I think!)

This is the little basket which is home to my mini albums;
it lives in my craft room

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