Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Layouts to share

News from the battlefront : I have been laid low with mumps since last Tuesday.  I didn't know what mumps is, and we were so busy at the office that I worked straight through to Friday morning before I eventually limped off to the doctor and got a fright about the diagnosis.  Hope I haven't infected half the office!  So the awful result is that I missed high tea at the Farmhouse on Saturday afternoon, I missed the big 40th birthday party that I helped plan and was so excited about.  I stayed at home feeling very sad  and unloved while the party raged on without me.  The upside is that I got to see our very own Charlene Wittstock marry Prince Albert of Monaco.  And I got to scrapbook a few layouts and tidy a few shelves in my scrapbooking room.

Here are 2 layouts to share about recent trips to London...

My usual style of adding lots of photo's
and travel memorabilia

This paper actually depicts the River Thames
so I left a large chunk of the left hand page blank.
Our London office overlooks the Thames river

Chipboard which I inked with Ranger inks
and then got carried away with Tim's gold glitter spray.
AND then I covered it all with dimensional glaze

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