Friday, July 1, 2011

Be the one

You know that I love the work done by Melody Ross over at the Brave Girls Club, and their daily "a little bird told me" messages.  This is the most awesome message ever, so I have to share it with you...

Dear dazzling girl,

One kind person can make such a difference,  one compassionate hand placed on a hand in distress can make such a difference.  One phonecall, one thank you note, one sweet text message can make every bit of difference.  One job well done, one child rocked to sleep, one lunch packed, one single daisy given away can make such a difference.

One smile in the grocery store, one proclamation of forgiveness, one loaf of freshly baked bread, one handmade card, one offer to help can make such a huge difference.

It's the little things, gorgeous friend, that make the heroes.  It's the one thing, after one thing, after one thing.  It's that one person who makes the difference.

Be the one.

You are amazing ... and making such a huge difference in the world.

I am striving to be the one for my friends and family.  Now go on and be the one for the people in your life.  Have a great weekend

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