Friday, July 8, 2011

8 things on 8 July

Just a list
  1. I am starting to feel so much better after a bout of mumps last week
  2. I've been going V E R Y slowly this week, going to work a bit later and leaving a bit earlier than usual, practicing extreme self-care
  3. I am having such fun shopping for Miss Elizabeth's birthday in August; I'm the aunty who spoils her rotten!
  4. I have been doing monster uncluttering at home during the past few weeks; I took the donations to my local SPCA yesterday and it blessed my heart to be able to support them
  5. I'm loving the colour red right now
  6. My friends Lynn and Richard are coming over tomorrow to help me with some home maintenance (thank you!!!); I may even put up a little chandelier in my diningroom
  7. Lunch today is tomato soup and Tuc paprika crackers
  8. I'm loving my lacy green scarf today

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