Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a list

I'm in Cape Town for a few days, my regular monthly commute to work in this beautiful city.

Just a list...
  • grateful : I got to drive along Chapman's Peak yesterday afternoon - this really should be one of the wonders of the world
  • praying : for more years of health and life for Nelson Mandela
  • working on : being more of an an artist in my everyday life, gearing up to play with paints and pens and stamps and things in the coming weeks
  • realising : that the battle of the scale is lifelong, and I am not alone in this war
  • loving : Afrikaans music
  • trying : pilates (again)
  • listening to : Dixie Chicks
  • watching : "eat, pray, love" on DVD
  • enjoying : masterchef australia

with 10 weeks to go until I leave on a trip to italy, I'm starting to get really
excited at the prospect of a long journey to a foreign country. 
this layout is from my trip to Scotland in 2010

 This aeroplane is a fridge magnet from Woolworths

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