Monday, September 21, 2015

Scrapbooking retreat

Regular visitors to my blog will know that the Scrap Addicts group scrapbooks together every month, and every quarter we have a sleepover scrapathon.  This past weekend we had our Spring Scrapathon at my home...and it was freeeeezing cold!  The perfect weather for being indoors and scrapbooking.
I bought water bottles and some sweeties as gifts for each lady

Lynn designed this gorgeous page for us 

this is Leonie's page (she's so good with putting patterned paper together)
and this is the page that I designed 

This is my mommy's scrapbooking spot and her chair
so that means that it's mine...I sit here

We went to Lara Hanna's scrapbooking shop (which is based in Colourful Corner Nursery) to collect some layouts, and then had a delicious lunch at Primi at Lifestyle Garden Center

I made mini quiches and fruit smoothies for breakfast on Sunday 

It was such a lovely weekend.  So blessed to have these ladies in my life!

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  1. Another stunning weekend!!!! Thanks for hosting us Ali.