Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Around here

SUMMER SANDALS : I've given away some previously-loved sandals and bought a few new pairs of sandals for summer.  My foot is not yet totally healed after surgery so I've had to be conservative in the styles that I'll be wearing for the next season.  I love the Froggie brand of shoes which are made in South Africa

UNCLUTTERING : I'm slowly cleaning out my wardrobe of clothes that I don't love.  This must be one of the top 10 ugliest dresses in the world.  I had it hand made for my 50th birthday party at a ridiculous price (don't ask).  I loved the pattern fabric, but can't believe that I ended up with this ugly dress.  In future, if I need a dress for a special occasion, I'll rather buy a ready-made dress and have it altered if needed

NOODLES : so happy that I've finally found a brand of whole-wheat noodles that doesn't taste like cardboard

HYDRATE : these 2 bottles stand on my desk and I work hard at emptying them each day before I leave the office - a total of 1,5 liters of pure water.  Fortunately, I really like drinking water

BREAKFAST : I still love a smoothie for breakfast over the weekends - raw almonds, yogurt, protein powder, wheat bran and whatever fruit is in the fruit bowl all mixed up with water.....delicious! 

READING : I adore the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith.  I plan on ordering the DVD boxed set starring Jill Scott

SPRING GARDEN : spring has definitely arrived in my garden.  I'm still pulling out plants which need to be retired and putting in new plants, but the spring colours are gorgeous

Princess Ruby helps me in the garden

this is 'Salvia hotlips' -  I call it the happy plant
because it makes me smile every time I look at it

this is the plain red Salvia 


I have 2 rainwater tanks in my garden, and forgot to use much of the water during winter.  So it's the 'bucket system' of garden watering for a while to empty the tanks before the spring rains arrive



  1. Gorgeous photos my friend ... Can't wait to see your new sandals 'in person'! LOL!!

  2. I completely agree about the water. Personally, I keep a 2-litre bottle of water on my desk, beneath a sign that reminds me, “Water is your best friend”, and I am to finish it every day. Since I started doing so, I look, feel and perform better than ever before. The human body is 70% water, by weight, so it’s only logical to keep it topped up throughout the day and, of course, water is completely free of calories.

    Bert Aguilar @ Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies