Friday, September 4, 2015

Filofax planner inserts

Although I enjoy and am quite good at using technology, I still use a large Puccini Filofax planner on a daily basis.  I not only use it as a diary, but also to store my business and personal to-do lists.  
It is also home to other lists (yep... I'm a list-maker, otherwise I forget stuff in seconds!) such as gift ideas, my 2015 Christmas shopping list, meal plans, a page for notes and so on.  I don't use the alphabetic telephone lists that come with the planner, but prefer a 1 page of frequently used contact numbers, so I recently removed the telephone lists and made my own inserts.

I trimmed lined scrapbooking cardstock to size, and used a hand punch to make the holes to fit the diary

I also added washi tape to the top of the new inserts.

I regularly use a Brother P-touch 80 label maker for scrapbooking (it's fabulous!) and made some labels for my planner inserts

I'm loving the result of a few hours work.

1 comment:

  1. It looks really gorgeous!!! Well done my friend for making it work for you.