Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Birthday weekend

My niece Elizabeth turned 6 last week, so we had a party for her on Saturday.
The festivities started on Friday with a prezzie from her aunty and some badminton. 
I bought a bicycle for Elizabeth; she doesn't love it as it's big and doesn't have training wheels.  I hope that over time she will become more comfortable and confident with her bike, and eventually grow to love it.

Dad (Robbie) played the part of training wheels for a while

and then we played badminton

miss Katy

On Saturday afternoon, we met friends and family at OrangoTangos
and let the girls go wild play for a few hours

My friend Dr. Bridget Sutton and her daughter Bothlale (Boo) 

 my niece Jamie
my brother Shaun with his daughters Jamie and Anna 

and then the young ladies insisted on swimming, even though the water in the pool is still freezing cold; neither the icy water nor the lack of costumes deterred them!

we finally relaxed at my home with a traditional South African braai (barbecue); Bridget is a chiropractor and treated my sister-in-law Tonia to a shoulder rub

I got a horse piñata for Elizabeth (she's currently horse-crazy); thankfully she decided not to bash it to pieces, but rather take it home and make a stable for it

We crashed into bed exhausted by 9pm.  Entertaining little people is hard work!

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  1. Looks like Aunty Ali made it an incredible birthday for Princess Elizabeth. Lovely photos my friend.