Sunday, October 26, 2014

Green juice

I really do not like to eat vegetables.  Salads are ok and I'm fine with fruit.  I've learnt to eat more salad and a few more veggies during the past year, but I really don't love vegetables.  My friend Leonie has inspired me to try juicing, a good way to get more veggies into my diet without having to actually eat them.  I did a lot of reading and research before buying a juicer.  As always, there are lots of opinions for and against juicing.  It just makes sense to me, and I'm adding goodness to my diet, I'm not making juicing my whole diet. 
I make green juice most days (yes, really) - spinach and apple.  I feel a little bit like I've finally joined the secret vegetable club when I buy a lot of organic veggies every week - something that I would never have done before the juicer arrived. Yeh baby!

2 years ago, I started sleeping an extra hour a night.  I still don't feel any better or more rested.  I really hope that juicing does not deliver the same 'no change' results!  I'll let you know if / when I start feeling great.  Nothing to report yet.


  1. I hope the addition of juicing to your life does add value my friend.

  2. Just watch out for too much sugar with juice. As ladies are suppose to have two fruits a day and with juicing one usually have more. But I am sure the vitamins you get this way makes up for it.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}