Sunday, October 5, 2014

a little adventure to Greyton

I tagged a 2-day visit to see my friend Wendy onto the front end of my usual business trip to Cape Town in September.  Wendy was my neighbor in Johannesburg before retiring down to the Cape a year ago. 
Greyton is a small town in the Western Cape, about 90 minutes from Cape Town.  It is gorgeous and tranquil, in a valley surrounded by mountains.  It's an easy drive straight down the N2 highway from the Cape Town airport, over Sir Lowry's pass and left just after Dassiesfontein. 
I met Wendy and her daughter Linda (and her furry daughter Bella!) at Dassiesfontein for lunch, and then spent 2 glorious days pottering around in Greyton.  Wishing I could live in such a beautiful town instead of in the city.  Sigh...
up and over Sir Lowry's pass
and down the other side

the shop at Dassiesfontein is a warren of many little rooms,
with lots of junk but also some good stuff

lunch at Dassiesfontein -they serve thick slices of delicious farm bread with real butter with everything; they don't make cappachinos, only 'moer koffie' in an enamel pot

Wendy's gorgeous home in a retirement village in Greyton; it is surprisingly spacious inside - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study, a huge open-plan living area with a dining room and kitchen, and 2 patios

I don't really like dogs (in case you missed it, I'm a cat person),
but miss Bella is very cute and well behaved

this ball of wool and knitting needles was priced at ZAR15 000
in the art gallery (I kid you not!)

This is a tortured willow tree - ever heard of it?  Me neither.  It's beautiful 
Linda made a delicious vegetable lasagna for Sunday lunch,
which we ate on the back patio before I headed back to Cape Town 
what a lovely little adventure; I really hope to come back for a longer stay

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  1. Greyton looks like the place I would like to retire to ... LOVELY photos of your trip Ali!

    As much as I love knitting I would never pay that much money for a ball of wool and knitting needles!!!!