Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scrap Addicts

The Scrap Addicts recently spent a weekend scrapbooking at my home, one of our regular quarterly gatherings.  Being part of a regular scrapbooking group really keeps us motivated to scrap more, we share lots of ideas, and we encourage each other in our love of memory keeping.  Every quarter, we make and share scrap kits, so we also get a lot done in a short space of time.  And we laugh.  A lot
Lynn's scrap kit which she designed for us

Lynette's gorgeous design

Linda's beautiful layout

Leonie and I used the same range of paper and we both designed summer pages - it was not pre-planned!   So funny...

Linda 'accused' me of not putting all the  necessary embellishments into a kit which I designed a while ago.  After looking very outraged and indignant for a while, she found the 'missing' embellishments under the piles of paper at her work space.  I insisted on a written apology, hehehe

a monster hail storm raged on Saturday evening, trashing my garden and damaging the ladies' cars parked outside 

Leonie made breakfast for us on Sunday morning - we thought that we were in a hotel!  She also brought her juicer along and demonstrated her new passion for juicing; I loved the apple juice.  The plain carrot juice, not so much

 Scrap Cat.  Princess Ruby suffers from FOMO - fear of missing out.  So she's always near me (and because she adores her mommy)

 Linda, Lynn, Leonie and I (Lynette didn't sleep over) at the close of another awesome scrapbooking weekend.  Tired and happy ladies.

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  1. Another amazing weekend with our group ... You are so right that being part of a regular group really keeps us motivated to scrap more. Can't wait for our next date.