Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello April

Hello April.  Hello Autumn.  Hello carpet of golden leaves on the ground and cooler air on my arms. 
As the new season starts, I'm grateful for the cooler weather after the scorching African summer.  Spring and Autumn are my 2 favourite seasons of the year - milder weather and the promise of change in the air. 
This change in the weather has encouraged me to make some changes on the homefront.  I've started uncluttering at home, and have 2 big bags of clothes to give away.  I threw away 2 bags of old photos that I'll never use (I always tend to print too many photos), and now I just need to organise the remaining photos in my new photo boxes.
There's lots more to do, so my Bold Intentions for April  are:
  1. unclutter and tidy my craft room
  2. get rid of the awful beige office blinds throughout my home, have new wooden blinds installed on some of the windows, and start putting up curtain rails over the rest of the windows
  3. get a quote to redo parts of my garden
  4. re-invite regular walks into my week
In black and white, these tasks are not overwhelming. The hard part is actually doing them in addition to working full day.
What are YOUR bold intentions for April?


  1. Totally agree, Autumn and Spring are the best months, but for me I will definitely add winter as one of my favourite months. Love the snuggle up with warm clothes. Love your bold intentions, to declutter and be quite rejuvenating for the soul.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Desire!

  3. Hey my friend, The change in season is exciting ~ I also prefer the cooler weather ~ which was in abundance in Wakkerstroom this past weekend.

    I love the fact that you are decluttering ~ It makes space for new and exciting things to enter your life. Well done on getting rid of the photos you know you wont use ~ I am being super careful when printing photos now.

    I am interested to see what changes you are going to make to your garden.
    Wooden blinds ~ Great choice!!! and I am really looking forward to seeing what curtains you choose.

    I have also re-invited regular walks into my life ... the weather is just not playing along this afternoon as it has been pouring with rain here on my side of town.

    Lots of love to you my precious friend!!!