Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zaagkuil Bird Sanctuary

While at Zaagkuilsdrift Lodge, we visited the Bird Sanctuary again.  See here for my last blog post about the Sanctuary.  This time we did a much earlier walk at 7am, and because of the cooler weather, many of the owls were actually on the ground.  Such amazingly beautiful creatures...

Soy owns the property and personally funds the food for all the birds,
and pays the salaries of the staff.  This Marabou stork is human imprinted, and loves Soy as his 'dad'

Soy imports worms from China for this very noisy Korhaan.  Pieter fetched him from Bloemfontein recently and had to endure 5 hours in the vehicle with him shouting VERY loudly all the way to the Sanctuary.  He was apparently somebody's pet (seriously!!) and they didn't want him after he matured and made a noise.



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