Friday, January 8, 2016

Road trip

My sister Caron and I did a spur of the moment roadtrip to Parys on 29 December; it's about an hour away from Johannesburg.  I was looking for some art for my bedroom, but just happy to spend time with Caron.  We both live in Johannesburg but life is so busy that we seldom get to see each other.
Caron said that a roadtrip 'rule' is that you have to have breakfast
and coffee at we did

Caron's mother (Brenda, my step mother) and her aunt Collette also happened to visit Parys on the same day so we met up for lunch

There are a lot of retired artists living in Parys.  I found a few paintings that I liked, but still wanted to look around at more of the shops before buying anything.  We ran out of time so all I bought were these 4 little prints which I will frame in one big frame - either for my craft room or my bedroom 


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  1. How lovely that you got to have your Wimpy breakfast and lunch with Brenda ... a wonderful day. Love the prints!