Friday, January 1, 2016

One Little Word 2016

Hello 2016!!  Happy new year every one.

It's taken a while but I've finally decided on my One little Word for 2016 - kindness.  It's not that I'm an unkind person.  This word just encapsulates a lot of what I want to focus on during 2016.
Kindness during 2016 for me includes...
  • being kind to myself by focusing on self-care and taking better care of me on a daily basis, not only occasionally
  • patience with the people around me
  • being courteous to people, especially in the traffic where I spend many many hours every week
  • being generous and supportive of people
  • being kind to myself and other people by being calm and gentle and letting the small stuff go
  • occasional random acts of kindness
  • making time for what's really important to me
  • continuing to unclutter my environment - at work and at home
Wishing you a very blessed 2016!


  1. You definitely are not an unkind person ... The word that finds us is usually something we need to be to ourselves. Love your "Kindness for me includes" list.

  2. Wishing you a blessed 2016 full of kindness and love and joy xx