Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Layout to share

Just sharing a few scrapbooking layouts from my trip to Italy last year...

I am so enjoying the act of creating again.  After immense challenge and change during the past 8 months, I'm rediscovering me the creative person, me the artist, me the writer.  The sound of paper and the smell of adhesive and the texture of paint on my hands all say "shhh, everything is going to be all right".


  1. Gorgeous travelling layouts. I love to see you creating too.

  2. Gorgeous pages ... definitely worth scraplifting ... Can't wait for our looonnnnggg weekend at the dam then I can do some serious scraplifting ~ Remember to bring all these stunning pages with! I am happy that you are getting your groove back on after the turmoil of the last 8 months!