Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cape Town

I did a quick trip to Cape Town to attend the graduation of our Company's Java Developer Academy learners.  In about July 2011, I put together the business case for the JDA, and after much persuasion (and frustration), I convinced our partners in the USA to fund the Academy, which ran from mid January to July 2012.  I am so proud of these 7 young people for completing the 6 month qualification; they now join our company on a 12 month learnership.

Couldn't help noticing the mountain in the background.  Those of us from Jozi notice the mountains ... a lot


  1. This is so awesome, well done. And the photo of Table Mountain is gorgeous. Such an awesome photo.

  2. Well done on convincing the US to do the right thing ~ you really are good at what you do!!! Nice photo of The Mountain!!!!