Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Do something

I really want to live and work more creatively every day, not just over the weekends.  It's easy to have dreams and goals.  We all do.  The really hard part is taking the big steps that are so necessary to make our dreams a reality. 

Other than the extreme busyness of my life, the reasons I procrastinate about my dreams is that I think I'm not smart enough or talented enough or good enough to establish my own creative business.  What if no one likes my work...what if I fail miserably?

I've been doing some work with Tom Budge of Start Living during the past few months.  So many positive and encouraging messages are coming my way, urging me on.  My time is now.  So I'm taking some big steps forward.  I've documented the plan.  I've set some timelines.  I'm doing the research.  I'm choosing to believe that this is meant to be.  My creative dream is slowly opening up in to possibility.

I can't share my plans with you just yet.  But I want to encourage you to take note of your own goals and dreams.  Listen to what's lying in your heart.  What do you really really want to do with your life?  Do something.  Take just 1 step forward.  We will be brave together...

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