Friday, June 29, 2012

47 things in review


On 17 January, I posted 47 things.  Here are some of the things that are going well...
  1. have regular facials - I have enjoyed several facials this year, with another one booked for tomorrow
  2. learn how to use my new iphone - love it!
  3. buy an ipad - love it!  I am now officially an apple convert
  4. try out some new recipes - my attempts include chicken curry and lemon curd cheesecake, yum
  5. scrap more.  lots more
  6. go for more walks
  7. complete a 30-day photo challenge - the Scrap Addicts did the photo challenge with me and then I moved home, so we haven't actually had a 'show and tell' of all the photos
  8. unclutter at least every 60 days - moved home, so I did a major unclutter and donated a car load of goodies to the Randburg SPCA.  I still have a few boxes of supplies for Elizabeth's school
  9. simplify and be organised
  10. be brave.  try new things
  11. go deeper in my faith - my friends Pat and Cathy have joined me to do a study on the life of David, and we're now busy with a study on the 10 Commandments.  I have loved the learnings and the fellowship with friends
  12. eat more cupcakes
  13. do more online classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking
  14. focus on my 1 little word - MOVE
  15. focus on what matters most to me
  16. spend time with friends and family
  17. take 5 big steps forward towards living and working more creatively - there is a lot of stuff bubbling in my head around this goal, I have also attended a few talks and workshops to help unfold my dream of living and working more creatively
  18. try new healthy foods
  19. always remember - I am an artist
19 out of 47 is not great, but making progress.  Moving home has knocked the wind out of my sails a bit.  I'll get back on track during the next 6 months as I settle down and get more comfortable in my new home

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