Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sleep  |  Since January, I have deliberately been sleeping more at night.  I used to average 7 hours sleep a night, I now average about 8 hours sleep a night most days.  I don't feel any better  or more rested or more well.  What's up with that?  Maybe the experts are wrong...

Martha Beck  |  I went to her talk "discover the life you were meant to lead" at the Hyatt yesterday.  It was interesting.  But I don't always 'get' Martha

Paper monster  |  I have been doing some filing in my office every day for a week.  Lots more still to go.  I am taming the paper monster.  Just a bit

Juice  |  I'm loving freshly squeezed orange juice at the moment.  I don't generally drink fruit juice or cooldrinks

Changes  |  I am going through a monster amount of changes in my life.  Sometimes I panic in the middle of the night and my heart beats and I'm afraid.  Sometimes I just know that everything will be ok.  I remember that God is in control.  I get comforting messages from the bravegirlsclub  I breathe again

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