Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend in review

Oh my goodness, I definitely have a bit of the winter blues, and I've been battling a sore throat and ears for the last week.

Pansies always make me happy, so I planted a few trays of smiling faces (gesiggies) near my front door on Saturday.

I always need somewhere to put my handbag and the things that I am carrying when I get home, while I fight with the bunch of keys to open the doors.  This butler's tray from Lifestyle Garden Centre is now the catch-all at my front door.  And it will be perfect to serve welcome drinks to visitors in summer

Leonie and I went to Steve Hofmeyr's Haloda show at Emperor's Palace on Saturday night.  It was a coincidence that we both decided to wear red!  Steve's music was awesome, he is a gorgeous gorgeous delicious man (yep - I have a total crush on the South African bad boy of Afrikaans music), and I loved catching up with Leonie - we've both just been sooo busy during the past few weeks that we rarely speak to each other

I haven't had much time to play on my ipad, so a few extra lessons will be helpful.  I found this magazine at the Cape Town airport bookshop last week.  Most urgent - I need to figure out how to back up my ipad

It was freezing cold and gloomy weather on Sunday, so I spent the day in my scrap room.  I made these gift jars for some friends

My article on travelling to Italy with Ali Edwards has finally been published in the Scrap Affairs magazine.  The Editor didn't tell me it was being published, my friend Pat let me know.  Whatever...

I am packed and ready to roll - the Scrap Addicts and Pat are scrapping at the Good Shepherd Retreat this coming weekend

...and this is how my workweek starts on most Monday mornings.  I work on my laptop in my study and miss Ruby catches a cuddle 

I've got a good week to look forward to - I'm taking my staff out for a mini spa day and high tea tomorrow, I'm going to a talk by Martha Beck on Wednesday, and then we're heading off on a scrapbooking retreat on Friday


  1. What a lovely Blog read, thanks for sharing Alison, and so glad you enjoyed Steve Hofmeyr. I also do enjoy his music.

  2. Also, you are very energetic to have completed your packing for the Scrapbook retreat. I will try and complete mine tonight or tomorrow night.