Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12 things on 12 June 2012

1.  I am really missing my creative therapy of scrapbooking and doodling.  I made these promise cards on Sunday for the Bible Study girls, the first bit of creativity in my new home.  Just some stamping and washi tape.  Loved the creative process

2. I am in Cape Town for 2 days on business

3. Purple is my new favourite go-to colour right now.

4. I made chicken curry for our Bible Study lunch on Sunday.  It was delicious

5. I'm doing a 6-week 'my living canvas' online workshop with Christy Tomlinson.  I have been too busy to even start week 1.  The group is already finishing week 4.

6. My friend Leonie and I are going to see Steve Hofmeyr's show "Haloda" at Emperor's Palace on Saturday night.  I love his music.  And I think he's a hottie!

7.  So many people have commented on how gorgeous my Italian leather handbag is.  I bought it in Venice last year

 8. I have booked to attend 2 solitary creative retreats during the next few months

9. I'm browsing through Jennifer Louden's "the woman's comfort book"

10. I'm in love with owls as a decorative concept.  Owls make me happy.  I haven't heard any owls hooting in the night since I've moved home.  I hope they come visit me soon

11. Kelly Rae Roberts says "telling the truth about your beautifully messy and magnificently complicated life is a transformative gift. For yourself. And for anyone who’s listening".  I agree.  That's why I blog

12. Miss Ruby had her first adventure outside in the garden of our new home on Saturday.  She sniffed everything


  1. I am absolutely delighted to see that Miss Ruby got to do her first recce outside. She must have been absolutely thrilled.

  2. Wow, Alison, you have made some lovely statements, love them all, well done.