Monday, May 7, 2012

Around here

Did a little shopping this weekend for my new home...

new place mats for miss Ruby

an angel to hang on the new patio

some paint samples

love this cute owl doorstop!

a customised notebook from macaroon

2 new novels to enjoy under a blanket on the couch in winter

Fun cookie cutters - I don't bake cookies but maybe that will change now that I have a few little people in my life

 a mini red velvet cake and lemon meringue tart from petit fours

stealing kisses and hugs from a grumpy kitty

full moon

went walking at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on Sunday morning with Linda, Lynn and Richard; more on that later in the week

uh-huh ... I started packing on Sunday for the big move in 2 weeks' time; I am rubbish at packing!!

What's wrong with this picture??  How come I do the packing and heavy lifting and all the hard work, and striped monster is the one who falls asleep exhausted at 7pm on Sunday night??  No fair!  But very cute and adorable


  1. What a lovely post, all the information, packing, lovely gifts etc.

  2. Miss Ruby looks totally exhausted ... moving sure is hard on such a small person!!!

  3. I love these little glimpses into your life. We frequently moved when my DH still worked for a major retail store...but for the past 26 years we have stayed put, and I just cannot imagine packing up my life.